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Family Sessions

Family sessions at SheyiKreations Photography

Capturing an entire family sessions can be fun and this is one of our specialties. Family photo sessions include up to three outfit changes, as the family wants. After the photos have been developed, basic retouching is also included in the cost of the photography. Family members who want to view the proofs online have the peace of mind that comes from knowing their photos are secure. A password is required to access the proofs.

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Participants in family photos are encouraged to wear whatever they choose. At SheyiKreations Photography, we do not believe that each family member should wear the same outfit for their photo session. We recognize the fact that it is not natural for family members to wear the same outfit at the same time. We at SheyiKreations Photography will even give wardrobe suggestions if family members request them. We advise people to pair accessories with the outfit they choose for the photo session.

In addition to wearing whatever they want, family members are also encouraged to bring props with them to use in the photos. Bringing a beloved children’s toy, a family heirloom or any other desired object would enhance the uniqueness of each photo session. Here at SheyiKreations Photography, we do not believe in imposing rules on families concerning what they wear and what they hold in the photos. We are focused on getting kids to enjoy the family photo shoot. If this means letting the child bring their teddy bear, baby doll or any other special toy to the session, that is perfectly acceptable.

For high-quality photography and personalized service, we, SheyiKreations Photography, are the best choice.

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